Screendance is a unique blend of dance and film where each medium informs the other. Choreography takes the role of dialogue, creating a specific intention. Camera movement and choreography collaborate together in it's own approach complimenting one another. Most people recognize this genre of film in music videos, cinematic musical numbers, and media commercials.

At Screendance Collective we aim to curate high quality works of art that focus on equal parts film and dance that are executed effectively. I started out as a screendance filmmaker and have been experimenting with different genres of film, yet I still apply my screendance knowledge to all filmmaking. No matter what, everything still connects to one another in a kinetic response. Screendance Collective was founded by Stéphane Glynn and myself to house an online community for screendance and screendance viewers. Today, Screendance Collective has three curators and is updated weekly by Stéphane Glynn, Hannah Weber, & Tori Duhaime.

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